September 21-23, 2022

Business Forum

The Business Forum will assemble technologists, investors, and government officials to identify what it will take for each of the 12 technology sectors to reach over $100 billion in capital formation and achieve commercial lift-off. Hosted by DOE and leading trade associations, the Business Forum kicks off Thursday afternoon with a plenary featuring the department’s Loan Programs Office’s Director, Jigar Shah and industry leaders, followed by 12 sector-specific rooms, feature panels, roundtables, and networking opportunities. 

To stabilize the climate, global greenhouse gas emissions must fall nearly 40% by 2030 and to net-zero by 2050. The central challenge in meeting these goals is deployment not meeting the pace of innovation. While capital is being committed for clean energy, it is not being matched to projects because of structural barriers to adoption, including unit economics, supply chains, demand signals, etc. Each Business Forum room, will identify what structural barriers stand in the way, answer questions from investors, and pinpoint what policy actions are required to enable deployment at scale.  

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The Global Clean Energy Action Forum may have come to a close, but the work continues beyond Pittsburgh! Our library of content has everything from the event you need right at your fingertips to continue guiding and inspiring your climate and clean energy ambitions. All items will be available through June 2023.